Table 4: Short-term blood pressure variability and target organ damage and cardiovascular events in patients.

StudyStudy populationBlood pressure variability indexOutcome

Parati et al. [24]Hospitalized subjects with essential hypertension24 h BPVIncrease rate and severity of TOD
Palatini et al. [26]Patients with mild to severe hypertensionDaytime systolic BPVHigher degree of retinal abnormalities
Mancia et al. [27]Hypertensive patients24 h systolic BPVIncrease in carotid intima-media thickness
Sega et al. [28]General populationOverall and residual short-term BPVLeft ventricular mass index
Sander et al. [29]General populationDaytime systolic BPVProgression of intima-media wall thickness
McMullan et al. [30]Patient with chronic kidney diseaseSystolic BPVIncreased overall and cardiovascular mortality
Kawai et al. [31]Hypertensive patientsDaytime systolic BPV
Nighttime systolic BPV
Increased renal vascular resistance
Increased intima-media thickness and plaque score
Iwata et al. [32]Hypertensive patients Nighttime systolic BPVLarge arch plaque
Schillaci et al. [33]Hypertensive patients24 h BPV Aortic stiffness
Cay et al. [34]Normotensive patientsSystolic and diastolic 24 h BPVHigher risk of restenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention
Schutte et al. [35]Normotensive Africans24 h systolic BPVLeft ventricular hypertrophy
Ozawa et al. [36]Patients with type 2 diabetesNighttime systolic and diastolic BPVIncreased risk of incident cardiovascular disease
Sakakura et al. [37]Elderly patients Daytime systolic BPVCognitive dysfunction and reduction in quality of life