Table 12: Sources of land surface data used in the downscaling of soil moisture and their spatial resolution and temporal repeat [61].

SourceDataSpatial resolutionTemporal repeat

NLDASSoil moisture content (0–10 cm layer, kg/m2)1/8 degree (12.5 km)Hourly
Surface skin temperature (K)1/8 degree (12.5 km)Hourly
AVHRRNormalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)5 kmDaily
MODISNormalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)5 kmBiweekly
Land surface temperature (K)1 kmDaily
AMSR-ESoil moisture content
1/4 degree (25 km)Daily
MesonetSurface soil water content (0–5 cm layer)116~117 stations5 minutes
Little Washita WatershedSoil moisture measurement (0–5 cm layer)9 stationsHourly