Table 2: Baseline values and time course of body weights and markers of calcium metabolism and bone turnover in calcium and vitamin D deficiency osteomalacia.

Control ( )CaD(−) ( )

Body weight (kg)33.11.633.51.333.11.332.41.832.
Ca (mg/L)110.13.3107.62.4107.62.2111.01.9108.51.6101.51.5a,x
P (mg/L)49.71.946.72.752.
AP (U/L)116.928.9153.559.6185.075.2139.123.4200.744.1x169.222.3
BAP (U/L)29.64.629.[a]
OPG (pmol/L)[x]nd
DPD (nmol/24 h)139.925.5116.012.284.312.2120.32.3128.316.981.87.6
DPD/Crea (nmol/mmol)[x]5.50.9

Mean values and standard error of the mean. AP: total alkaline phosphatase; BAP: bone alkaline phosphatase, OPG: osteoprotegerin; nd: not determined; DPD: deoxypyridinoline; Crea: creatinine. Samples are 8–10. Significantly different from the value of the control group at the same time point with [a] ; a . Significantly different from the baseline value with [x] ; x .