Table 3: Baseline and final values of calcium and phosphorus balances in calcium and vitamin D deficiency osteomalacia.

Control ( )CaD(−) ( )
Baseline ( )Final ( )Baseline ( )Final ( )

Ca intake (mg/7d)1554015540155405180
Faecal Ca (mg/7d)1369985013833123212558107983732258a,[x]
Urinary Ca (mg/7d)43179391683833346085
Ca absorption (mg/7d)18418501707123229821079−31932258[a],x
Ca retention (mg/7d)14108931316126125991094−36542231[a],x

P intake (mg/7d)17094170941709417094
Faecal P (mg/7d)164331669140501116141611090123362186
Urinary P (mg/7d)1103198119617815402993207545b,x
P absorption (mg/7d)6611669304411162933109047582186
P retention (mg/7d)−441166618481158139399115512235

Mean values and standard error of the mean. Significantly different from the value of the control group at the same time point with [a] ; a ; b ; c . Significantly different from the baseline value with [x] ; x .