Table 1: Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis.

First authorYearCountryEthnicitySamples size (case/control)OR (95% CI)Source of controlsGenotyping methodc

Setlur [23]2010AustriaCaucasians121/2050.88 (0.45–1.73)aHospital basedPCR
Karypidis [24]2008SwedenCaucasians174/1612.07 (1.32–3.25)aHospital basedRT PCR
Olsson et al. [25]2008SwedenCaucasians2,480/1,6721.01 (0.83–1.23)bPopulation basedMultiplex PCR
Park [26]2007USAWhites247/2731.7 (1.03–2.9)aHospital basedPCR-RFLP
Gallagher [27]2007USACaucasians411/3970.97 (0.73–1.30)aHospital basedRT PCR
Park [28]2006USACaucasian293/3671.9 (1.2–3.0)a Hospital based RT PCR
African Americans113/1151.3 (0.6–2.7)a

Adjusted odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI).
Unadjusted odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI).
Genotyping method—PCR: polymerase chain reaction, RT-PCR: real-time polymerase chain reaction, and PCR-RFLP: polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism.