Table 2: Overview of some of the relevant ICA-based methods for ocular and/or cardiac artifact removal in chronological order.

First authorArtifactElectrodeSampleComment

Rong [65]Ocular, cardiacNo5One of the first automated removal methods; requires a predetermined artifact template
Okada [66]OcularYes7Reliable performance for blinks occurring in rapid succession
Mantini [67]Ocular, cardiacNo12Requires complex parameter tuning; can correct environmental artifacts
Dammers [68]Ocular, cardiacYes6Uses signal amplitudes and phases; can correct for muscle artifacts
Klados [69]OcularYes27Hybrid regression-ICA approach; available as open source

Electrode: indicates whether an electrooculogram and/or electrocardiogram measurement is required. Sample: number of healthy volunteers used for validation.