Table 1: Food intake, final body weight, and percentage of weight that was visceral fat of C57BL/6 (WT) or LDLr−/− mice nonsensitized (OVA) or sensitized (OVA+) with 10 μg of Ova at the beginning and 14th experimental day and receiving 20% egg white solution from 21st to 35th experimental days.


Food intake (g/mice/week) 20.2 (0.7)a20.2 (0.6)a17.7 (0.7)a17.7 (0.8)a
Final body weight (g) 25.3 (0.6)a25.7 (0.8)a22.6 (0.3)b22.2 (0.2)b
% body weight as visceral fat2.2 (0.15)a1.7 (0.21)b1.3 (0.16)b1.2 (0.13)b

Results are expressed as the mean (SE). /group. Data showing different letters in the same row are statistically different ( ).