Figure 4: Sorting cells transfected with MACS Separation system. Cells were treated either with or without 5 mM LiCl or 100 ng/mL WNT3a in order to activate the Wnt signaling pathway. Sorting occurred 24 hours after treatment. Every fraction was collected and cultured up to 3 days. (a) Representative images of the cells before (left row; phase contrast and fluorescence are merged) and 48 hours of cultivation after sorting. Cells were sorted almost completely into activated (labeled, right row splitted in phase contrast and fluorescence) or nonactivated cells (middle row). Magnification 200x. (b) Comparison of sorted cells within different treatments. w/o: without treatment; WNT3A: 50 ng/mL; LiCl: 5 mM; eGFPA1: untreated HEKT-eGFPA1 cells as positive control. Highest sorting result was achieved with activation of HEKT-STE4-1-5 1C cells with 5 mM LiCl.