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Evaluating the Structure of Enemy Biodiversity Effects on Prey Informs Pest Management

Table 5

Number of whitefly nymphs, adults and predators counted at the end of the experiment and model expectations.

TreatmentBlockCounts in Experimental Units (EU)Counts in Leaf Samples (LS)Model expectations
WhitefliesPredatorsWhitefly nymphsLSEU
Dead Alive Emerged

Li A67019800203822170329291298205
Li A707251001017127109253236229217
Li A911289001017132140289272262279
Li B91012620302217950251229228142
Li B350441010161013815513914155
Li B55076102071144316415714986
Li + Mm A40523320273312485242209200149
Li + Mm A50137700178104195307299266193
Li + Mm A300102001248604615410611499
Li + Mm B81010200241620267285269257165
Li + Mm B15022000948151376283013
Li + Mm B34038003543693114310010758
Li + Ox A1030278012023195211429406389315
Li + Ox A717293010048185134367319333220
Li + Ox A51010001102313483240217218156
Li + Ox B30500000941313125
Li + Ox B19048103035794315712214230
Li + Ox B530861010201073716414414983
Mm A40610700051910745171152148156
Mm A3682570015246484172148146139
Mm A865455000732159142333301301348
Mm B380600005361074418715115571
Mm B70102007331214613155
Mm B29041000839594113910010550
Mm + Nt A540166300311811597330212242176
Mm + Nt A71721450062613683245219190247
Mm + Nt A3401426003873869194107128100
Mm + Nt B2603770011053439178737224
Mm + Nt B370200002815246179988741
Mm + Nt B5209812006106943323312713267
Mm + Ox A40630202056417782323259277155
Mm + Ox A5131501108628682230168203202
Mm + Ox A1776750000545164192401356363715
Mm + Ox B123024482082517261258233234253
Mm + Ox B25024010538684915511710639
Mm + Ox B280775201240564514110110246
Nt A213210300031666716413312773
Nt A466143110004510548198153161168
Nt A3901701100059115143317258254139
Nt B1304130006211174122811
Nt B3206715000942534153597234
Nt B230240000704439153836622
Nt + Li A51028070004085110235195171165
Nt + Li A685263120409491125310216238233
Nt + Li A8321584010729264228156181293
Nt + Li B4001870101131910142297447
Nt + Li B17016202068443115474716
Nt + Li B43039200067974621014311252
Nt + Ox A271135630080596520412411970
Nt + Ox A1208440410065158104327262266436
Nt + Ox A8232249100124155115394270294273
Nt + Ox B67096810077832918911210181
Nt + Ox B6008216100110833622911911669
Nt + Ox B3106951001013430165646026
Ox A36411901001515854227212206111
Ox A970270110022190118330308299297
Ox A46729701001993146258239234143
Ox B10109530001221560287275260158
Ox B41025100022956718416216764
Ox B64070110069169166160150100


: number of whitefly nymphs counted in each experimental unit; : number of whitefly adults counted in each experimental unit; , , , : number of predator counted in each experimental unit for the species N. tenuis, O. lineatus, P. phrygianus, and M. melanotoma respectively; Dead: number of dead whitefly nymphs counted in leaf samples; Alive: number of alive whitefly nymphs counted in leaf samples; Emerged: number of pupal cases from which whitefly adult emerged counted in leaf samples; : sample size (Dead + Alive + Emerged); : total number of whitefly nymphs survived in leaf samples (Alive + Emerged); and : expected numbers of whitefly nymphs and adults surviving in leaf samples and whole experimental unit respectively (estimated from model J9). In bold the three series of counts confronted with expectations to obtain maximum likelihood estimation of model parameters.

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