Research Article

Peer-Supported Diabetes Prevention Program for Turkish- and Arabic-Speaking Communities in Australia

Table 2

Comparing knowledge and perceived risk of getting diabetes among study subjects before and after a peer-supported self-management diabetes prevention program for Turkish- and Arabic-speaking communities of Australia.

BeforeAfter value
% %


Do you think Diabetes can be prevented?
What can increase a person's chance of getting diabetes?
 Having family member with diabetes6771.37781.90.121
 High blood pressure5154.362660.090**
 High cholesterol5861.77276.60.049 *
 Physical inactivity5255.35255.31.00
 Eating lots of food with sugar5861.75558.50.761
 Giving birth to large babies3638.33941.50.701
 Being over 455154.35558.50.585
What behaviours can help prevent diabetes?
 Healthy Lifestyle8085.17276.60.200
 Healthy Diet7781.98489.40.210
 More exercise7781.98388.30.286
 Weight control7680.97984.00.664
 Regular checkups7781.96670.20.090**

Perceived risk of getting diabetes

How likely do you think you are to get diabetes?
 Not sure3840.42327.4
Why do you think you are at risk of developing diabetes?
 Overweight5659.66872.30.029 *
 Family member with diabetes5558.56771.30.050 *
 High blood pressure3638.34648.90.154
 High cholesterol4345.76164.90.006 *
 Doing little exercise5154.35760.60.451
 Eating fatty food3840.44648.90.256
 Being under stress5356.46468.10.108
 Smoking2728.74851.10.001 *

*Significant value (≤0.05)
**Borderline significance ( ).