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Review Article

Candida Infections and Their Prevention

Table 1

Commonly used antifungal drugs and their targets/mode of action.

AntifungalsTargets/mode of actionReferences

AzolesErgosterol biosynthesis (inhibition of ERG11 gene product, lanosterol 14α-demethylase)[1420]
 Fluconazole (FLC)
 Itraconazole (ITC)
 Voriconazole (VCZ)
 Posaconazole (POS)
PolyenesCell membrane ergosterol (increased permeability and oxidative damage)[21, 22]
 Amphotericin B
EchinocandinsCell wall biosynthesis, inhibition of GSC1 gene product, β(1,3)-glucan synthase[2326]
AllylaminesErgosterol biosynthesis
(inhibition of ERG1 gene product squalene epoxidase)
Fluorinated pyrimidine DNA and RNA synthesis (misincorporation of 5-fluorouracil)[28, 29]