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Review Article

Towards the Consolidation of a Diagramming Suite for Agent-Oriented Modelling Languages

Box 2

Example of an agent definition template as proposed in MAS-CommonKADS—a format suggested by Peyravi and Taghyareh [68].
Agent: Travel agent
Role: Arranger of holidays for holidaymaker clients
Location: Inside holiday booking agent society
Description: This agent manages client requests and interfaces with wholesaler of holidays
Objective: Get best deal for holidaymaker client subject to client preferences
Exceptions: Missing preferences or fully booked holidays
Input parameter: Client preferences
Output parameter: Recommendations to client including costing
Services: Recommendation to holidaymaker client; holiday booking with wholesaler
Expertise: Respond to queries; obtain best deal for wholesaler; package wholesale products for client
Communication: Holidaymaker agent; Wholesaler agent
Coordination: Wholesaler agent