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Towards the Consolidation of a Diagramming Suite for Agent-Oriented Modelling Languages

Table 12

Simplified version of the role template as used in more recent versions of ROADMAP—here for an Intruder Handler agent (reprinted from [33], copyright 2006, with permission from IOS Press).

Role name
Intruder handler
Identifies and responds to the intruder detected
Detect the presence of a person in the environment
Check the house schedule for strangers scheduled to be there
Take an image of the person
Compare the image against the database of known people
Contact the police and send the image to them
Check the house schedule for planned visitors
Send a message to stay away to each visitor expected that day
Inform the owner that the police are on their way and the visitors have been warned not to enter the house
The owner and each person pointed out by him/her needs to provide in advance personal information (face) to be recognised
A subject to be detected needs to be seen within the camera’s image area
The user must maintain the schedule
Visitors must be within the coverage area of mobile communication with their mobile access terminals switched on