Review Article

Current Bancroftian Filariasis Elimination on Thailand-Myanmar Border: Public Health Challenges toward Postgenomic MDA Evaluation

Table 1

Univariate analysis of significant individual risk factors associated with multiple-dose DEC inaccessibility between two working groups of cross-border Myanmar migrants (chain migration model).

Variable (904)Ranong, 2002-2003aPhangnga, 2004–2006b
%  DEC  inaccessibilityOR95% CI value   (1,610)%  DEC  inaccessibilityOR95% CI value

Age group (yr)
Marital status
 Living with a partner58045.21109442.81
Migration pattern
 Long-term migration64338.4197732.31
 Short-term migration 26186.610.47.0–15.3<0.00163363.53.63.0–4.5<0.001
 Agriculture 45766.13.12.4–4.1<0.001109847.31.41.1–1.80.002

Data were derived from our previous findings: aKoyadun and Bhumiratana (2005) [17], aBhumiratana et al. (2004) [18], bYongyuth et al. (2006) [21], and bBhumiratana et al. (2010) [19].
OR: odds ratio and CI: confidence interval.