Table 1: Characteristics of Patients and TUR-P.

Control groupDutasteride group value

Number 12 15
Age (years) 0.1294
Height (cm) 0.9609
Body weight (kg) 0.7508
Body mass index 0.4792
Prostate volume at first visit (cm3) 0.1021
Duration of dutasteride administration (weeks)
Reduction in prostate volume (%)
Operation time (min) 0.9027
Operative intravenous crystalloid infusion (mL) 0.1011
Weight of resected prostate tissue (g) 0.3528
Hb (g/dL)
 Before TUR-P 0.6080
 After TUR-P 0.7320
Changes in Hb (g/dl) 0.3167
Hct (%)
 Before TUR-P 0.9222
 After TUR-P 0.6429
Changes in Hct (%) 0.9611
Na (nmol/L)
 Before TUR-P 0.9603
 After TUR-P 0.7125
Changes in Na (nmol/L) 0.3894

Hb: blood hemoglobin, Hct: hematocrit, and Na: serum sodium. Values are exBeforessed as the mean ± SD. values are from the Mann-Whitney test.