Research Article

Deformable Contour-Based Maneuvering Flying Vehicle Tracking in Color Video Sequences

Pseudocode 1

The pseudo code for energy minimization algorithm and the proposed GoL cellular automaton.
(1) For Iter 1 to Iter_max 5
(2) For to
   (i) Select th snaxel of the deformable contour.
   (ii) Calculate energy function for the th snaxel and its Moore 9-neighborhood.
   (iii) Find location with minimum energy if there is only one local minimum in Moore 9-neighborhood. Otherwise,
    find the point with shortest path. The path is measured based on Euclidian distance.
End for .
(3) Move snaxels to new locations.
(4) Apply the proposed GoL cellular automaton as it will be explained in the next subsection.
(5) Update characteristics of deformable contour including coordinates of new control points as well as the number of existing
  snaxels, .
End for Iter.