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Research Article

Early and Late Shift of Brain Laterality in STG, HG, and Cerebellum with Normal Aging during a Short-Term Memory Task

Figure 1

(a) Stimuli were presented in four different conditions: STMQ; STMN; babble noise; baseline (quiet). The sequence of the conditions was fixed; STMQ-baseline-STMN-baseline-Babble Noise-baseline. Total duration of each trial is 16 s. During stimulus trials, stimuli were presented at the 6th second and lasted approximately 5 s, and participants were given 5 s to repeat forward all the words presented. (b) Illustration of stimulus train consisting of a sequence of five unrelated familiar words (verbs and nouns were randomly selected) to produce STMQ and STMN conditions.
(a) Example of trials.
(b) Examples of stimulus sequence.