(a) Gaussian blurring DMOS = 59.0
(b) JPEG-2000 compression DMOS = 67.1
(c) White noise DMOS = 74.6
(d) JPEG-2000 compression DMOS = 82.7
Figure 16: When judging the quality of a distorted image containing clearly visible (suprathreshold) distortions, one tends to rely much less on visual detection and much more on overall image appearance in an attempt to recognize image content in the presence of the dominating distortions. (a) Closeup of image bikes distorted via Gaussian blurring; ((b) and (d)) close-up of image bikes distorted via JPEG-2000 compression; (c) close-up of image bikes distorted by additive Gaussian white noise. DMOS values indicate differential mean opinion scores from the LIVE image database [124]. Figure from [139].