Table 5: Hierarchical multiple regression analyses predicting FTND and HSI from AUTOS subscales, percentage of time smoked out of need, duration of smoking, and items assessing preparation for abstinence in nondaily and daily smokers.


Nondaily smokers ( )

Step  1.03Step  1.00
 Age.07 Age.11
 Sex.02 Sex.01
Step  2.33***Step  2.18***
 Withdrawal Subscale.38*** Withdrawal subscale.31***
Step  3.08***Step  3.03*
 Careful not to run out.24** Careful not to run out.21**
Step  4.02*Step  4.03*
 Smoke extra to prepare.18* Duration of smoking−.20*

Total .46***Total .24***

Daily smokers ( )

Step  1.12***Step  1.14***
 Age.12 Age.33***
 Sex.07 Sex.04
Step  2.23***Step  2.18***
 Withdrawal Subscale.25*** Withdrawal subscale.28***
Step  3.04***Step  3.04***
 Smoke extra to prepare.18** Careful not to run out.19**
Step  4.02**Step  4.02*
 % Time smoke out of need.19*** Smoke extra to prepare.14*
Step  5.02**
 Careful not to run out.14*
Step  6.01*
 Duration of smoking.20*

Total .45***Total .37***

* , ** , *** .