Research Article

Effect of Infliximab on the UVB-Induced Apoptosis of Keratinocytes Infected by HPV38 E6/E7

Figure 1

Influence of HPV38 E6/E7 expression on UVB-induced apoptosis. (a) Transduction efficiency was confirmed by RT-PCR analysis on total RNA extracted from HaCaT cells transduced with PLXSN-HPV38 E6/E7 vector. HaCaT cells transduced with the empty vector pLXSN (T−) were used as negative controls, respectively. β2M:β2 microglobulin gene. (b) HaCaT cells transduced by empty vector pLXSN or with pLXSN-HPV38 E6/E7 vector were irradiated with UVB (10 mJ/cm²) and harvested 24 hours after irradiation. Then, cells were resuspended in propidium iodide (PI+ cells) for analysis by flow cytometry to evaluate the percentage of cells with fragmented DNA.