Table 5: Relationships between liana infestation and soil and forest structural characteristics in the Southern Scarp Forest Reserve. Pearson’s correlation coefficient ( ) and values are provided.

FactorsLiana infestation

Base saturation (%)−0.4940.037*
Moisture (%)−0.2030.419
Organic matter (%)−0.0510.840
ECEC (me/100 g)−0.3220.192
Exchangeable acidity 0.475 0.046*
Exchangeable Ca (me/100 g)−0.2530.312
Exchangeable K (me/100 g)−0.37850.121
Exchangeable Mg (me/100 g)−0.3010.226
Exchangeable Na (me/100 g)−0.0660.794
Available K (ppm)−0.6060.008*
Available P−0.4890.040*
Tree abundance 0.180 0.474
Tree basal area−0.1300.608
Canopy cover 0.302 0.222

*Significant relationship at a significance level of 5%.