Table 1: Advantages and disadvantages of FNAC versus CNB.


General  considerations
Rapid diagnosisYesNo
Special experience requiredYesNo
Pain discomfortVery lowLow
Complication rateVery lowLow
Diagnostic  performances
Accurate for nonpalpable lesions or microcalcificationsNoYes
Accurate for palpable lesions or mass with microcalcificationsYesYes
Distinction between in situ and invasive carcinomaNoYes
Distinction of low grade lesions (ADH, papilloma, etc.)Very difficultDifficult
Unsatisfactory sampleHighLow
In situ hybridisationYesYes
DNA/RNA isolation for molecular biologyYesYes
Standardization of fixationVery optimalOptimal
Tissue/cell bankYesYes