Table 2: Comparison of sample SF-36 domain scores with the norms for the general US population.

SF-36 DomainsMean general US population score*Mean US score
(Ages 65–74 years )*
Mean US score
(Ages 75 years and older)*
Mean arthritis sample score
(65 years and older)

General health (GH)71.9562.5656.6663.25
Physical functioning (PF)84.1569.3853.2059.14
Role physical (RP)80.9664.5443.2853.09
Bodily pain (BP)75.1568.4960.8856.12
Vitality (VT)60.8659.9450.4153.20
Mental health (MH)74.7476.8773.9979.82
Social functioning (SF)83.2880.6173.8981.38
Role emotional (RE)81.2681.4463.1879.75

*Norms obtained from: Ware et al. [14].