Research Article

Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin Enhances Th2/Th22 and Reduces IL-17A in Protease-Allergen-Induced Airways Inflammation

Figure 3

Reduced lung inflammation in TSLPR−/− mice in response to HDM. The formalin-fixed lung sections were stained with periodic acid Schiff reagent (PAS) to visualize mucus (a). Magnification ×20. Representative sections from WT saline control, HDM treated WT, and TSLPR−/− mice are shown. A semi-quantitative histological assessment of cell infiltration and mucus hypersecretion was performed by two independent observers (b). A scale from 0 to 3 is given on the axis. These experiments were performed twice ( mice per group). One representative experiment is shown. Values are the mean SEM of 8 mice per group.