Table 4: Detection of (13) in commercial samples of ‘‘standardized extracts’’ of roots of W. somnifera.

Description of samplesIdentity of samples‘‘Aerial Parts Specific’’ markers

Extracts labeled as have been derived from rootsSample 1Not detectedNot detected0.138%
Sample 20.007%0.006%0.024%
Sample 3Not detectedNot detectedNot detected
Sample 4Not detectedNot detectedNot detected
Sample 50.042%0.037%0.116%
Sample 60.043%0.035%0.124%
Sample 70.056%0.049%0.156%
Sample 80.046%0.042%0.127%
Sample 90.028%0.022%0.089%
Sample 100.120%0.089%0.359%