Table 1: Sample description: frequencies and average values.

Gender: female46.3
Nationality: non-Spanish7.1
Parents’ higher educational level
 Compulsory education or lower67.6
 Noncompulsory secondary or lower vocational training16.6
 University or higher vocational training15.7
 Male worker3.0
 Female worker3.9
Educational level and field of study
 Compulsory secondary or lower 36.8
 Noncompulsory secondary 11.1
 Vocational training (VT) in social sciences8.4
 VT in sciences and technology12.8
 VT in health and welfare3.0
 VT in other fields4.4
 Higher vocational training15.4
 University in social sciences7.4
 University in sciences and technology6.0
 University in health and welfare3.8
 University in other fields6.4
 Long-cycle university12.4
First job
 Part-time 17.2
Time since obtained first job
 Less than 2 years13.2
  2-3 years 19.8
  4-5 years 15.1
  6–10 years 30.4
 More than 10 years21.4
Potential experience
 Three years or less12.3
 3 to 5 years14.0
 5 to 10 years34.3
 More than 10 years39.4
Unemployment rate by gender in the quarter of the survey*21.5
GDP per capita by Autonomous Communities in 2009*0.949

The frequency of the omitted category for variables with just two categories is not included since it is complementary to the one displayed in the table.
*Continuous variable (average).
Source: Spanish Labour Force Survey (2009). Own calculations.