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Research Article

Response of Yield and Yield Components of Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] to Tillage, Nutrient, and Weed Management Practices in Dura Area, Northern Ethiopia

Table 2

Separate and interaction effects of tillage, fertilizer, and weed control treatments on yield and yield components of tef crop in 2008 crop season.

TreatmentTLPH (cm)PL (cm)GY (t ha−1)AGB (t ha−1) HI

Tillage (T)
 Conventional tillage (6 times passes) = T14.5b84b15b1.2b5.0b0.24b
 Four times tillage passes = T25.6a98a19a1.6a5.7a0.28a
 Reduced tillage (single tillage pass) = T34.3b72c14b1.0b4.8b0.21c
Fertilizer (F)
 No fertilizer = F14.5b68c14c0.82d4.0d0.21a
 23 kg N ha−1 = F26.3a85b18b1.1bc6.2b0.18b
 23 kg N ha−1 and 10 kg P ha−1 = F36.7a102a21a1.7a7.2a0.24a
 23 kg N ha−1 and 2.5 t ha−1 manure = F46.5a88b19b1.3b6.3b0.21a
 2.5 t ha−1 manure = F56.2a87b18b1.0c5.9c0.17b
Weed control practices (W)
 Hand weeding = W16.5a93a20a1.6a5.4a0.30a
 2,4D at 0.75 kg ha−1 at five-leaf stage = W26.0a88b18b1.3b4.5b0.29ab
 2,4D at 0.75 kg ha−1 at six-leaf stage = W35.3b85b15c1.0c4.0c0.25c
 2,4D at 150 kg ha−1 at five-leaf stage = W45.5b86b15c1.1c4.1c0.27bc
 2,4D at 150 kg ha−1 at six-leaf stage = W54.7c81c13d0.98c3.7d0.26c
 T × F*********
 T × W******
 F × W**ns**ns
 T × F × W**********

Means within columns with different letters are significantly different at .
Significant at the 0.05 probability level; significant at the 0.01 probability level; ns: nonsignificant at .
× indicates interaction; TL: tiller number per plant; PH: plant height; PL: panicle length; GY, grain yield; AGB: above ground biomass yield; HI: harvest index (—).