Research Article

An Improved Experimental Model of Hemorrhoids in Rats: Evaluation of Antihemorrhoidal Activity of an Herbal Formulation

Table 1

Histopathological evaluation of rectoanal portion of rats.

LesionsNormal controlPositive controlPO (200 mg/animal, ir)PG
(200 mg/kg, PO)
(400 mg/kg, PO)
PG + PO (200 mg/kg,
PO + 200 mg/animal, ir)
PG + PO (400 mg/kg,
PO + 200 mg/animal, ir)

Dilatation of blood vessels
Necrosis/loss of superficial epithelium

Severity score: NAD: 0 (no abnormality detected); minimal: 1 (very small amount of changes ≤10 %); mild: 2 (lesion is easily identified but limited severity 11–25%); moderate: 3 (lesion is predominant 26–75%); severe: 4 (the degree of changes is 76–100% or great enough in intensity or extent to expect significant tissue or organ dysfunction).
Values are expressed as mean ± SE. , , versus positive control.
PG: Pilex granules; PO: Pilex ointment.