Table 2: Table showing variation in dose to rectum and bladder in various studies.

AuthorImaging Applicator typePrescribed doseMean variation rectal Mean variation bladder

Patel et al. [12]CT69TR4.2 Gy 1.08 Gy (25.76%)*1.22 Gy (29.00%)*
Davidson et al. [13]CT108TR/TO7 Gy 1.70 Gy (24.30%) 4.40 Gy (61.00%)
Kirisits et al. [14]MRI62TR7 Gy 3.50  (29.10%)4.20  (24.70%)
Present seriesCT88TO9 Gy 1.16 Gy (12.90%)1.46 Gy (16.20%)

All % variations are with respect to the prescribed dose to point A for the study. Mean variations in minimum dose to 2 cc volume in the most irradiated tissue adjacent to the applicator ( ) for rectum and bladder are shown. Prescribed dose is prescribed dose per fraction. : number of insertions studied; CT: computed tomography; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; TR: tandem ring applicator; TO: tandem ovoid applicator; *dose to 95% volumes of the respective organs; dose in EQD2 assuming ratio of 3.