Table 1: Synthetic ligands at melatonin receptors.

NumberCompound*Type of ligandReference

Melatonin derivatives
MT1 and MT2
[65] MT1,
antagonist MT2
[66] MT3[67]

Tri- and tetracyclic compounds MT2[68] MT2[68]
MT1 and MT2
MT1 and MT2

Naphthalene and tetralin analogues
MT1 and MT2
[69] MT2[70]

“Dimeric ligands” MT1[70] MT1[71]

Thiazolidine analogues RZR/ROR[72]

For ligands with low selectivity to the MT1 and MT2 and also for the MT3 and RZR/ROR ligands, the values of the dissociation constants for receptor complex are shown as , , , , respectively. For ligands of high selectivity, the ratios of the dissociation constants are given, or .