Table 2: Patent review on nanotechnology-based cosmeceuticals.

TitlePublication numberPublication dateApplicant

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Multiactive microtargeted antiaging skincream polymer technology EP 20110798597April 17, 2013NY Derm LLC
Semipermanent mascara and method of applying US 20130068242A1March 21, 2013Cry Baby Culture
Topically administered, skin-penetrating glycosaminoglycan formulations suitable for use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applicationsUS 20130059769A1March 7, 2013Eva Turley
Biodegradable, biocompatible, and nontoxic material sheets consisting of said material and the use thereof in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and cleaning productsUS 20130034638A1February 7, 2013Inis Biotech LLC
Metal oxide nanocomposites for UV protectionUS 20130022655A1January 24, 2013BASF SE
Oil-in-water-type emulsion sunscreen cosmetic compositionUS 20130011348A1January 10, 2013Tomiko Takakura
Synthetic collagen threads for cosmetic uses including skin wrinkle treatments and associated methodsUS 20130018415A1January 17, 2013Rebeccah Brown
Deodorant compositionWO 201210122A1August 2, 2012Ilios Srl
Preparation of cationic nanoparticles and personal care compositions comprising said nanoparticlesEP 2254545A2December 1, 2010BASF SE
Gel technology suitable for use in cosmetic compositionsUS 20100266649A1October 21, 2010Avon Products, Inc.
Nanocrystals for use in topical cosmetic formulations and thereof method of production EP 2099420A1September 16, 2009Abbott GmbH & Co.KG
Nanodiamond UV protectant formulationsUS 20090220556A1September 3, 2009International Technology Center
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