International Scholarly Research Notices / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Effect of Aerobic Training on Glucose Control and Blood Pressure in T2DDM East African Males

Table 1

A summary of medications.

EX CONClassification

Nifedipine0 (0)1 (10)antihypertensive
Amiloride8 (20)3 (30)antihypertensive
Hydrochlorothiazide16 (39)6 (60)antihypertensive
Methyldopa4 (10)0 (0)antihypertensive
Enalapril12 (29)1 (10)antihypertensive
Chlorthalidone3 (7)0 (0)antihypertensive
Metformin13 (32)3 (30)antidiabetic
Glyburide25 (61)6 (60)antidiabetic
Atenolol1 (2)1 (10)antihypertensive

Numbers are expressed as count (percentage within this group).
Many subjects were on multiple medications.