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ISRN Gastroenterology
Volume 2014, Article ID 913890, 6 pages
Clinical Study

Parameters Associated with Significant Liver Histological Changes in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B

Department of Liver Diseases, Taizhou People’s Hospital, Jiangsu 225300, China

Received 20 October 2013; Accepted 12 November 2013; Published 28 January 2014

Academic Editors: W. Vogel and J. Yu

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This study aimed to evaluate factors associated with significant liver histological changes. Liver biopsies from 157 CHB patients were retrospectively analyzed. Only ALB was significantly correlated with advanced liver necroinflammatory ( ). Age, ALB, GLOB, AST, PLT, and PT were independent predictors of significant fibrosis ( , , , , and resp.). AST, WBC, and HBV DNA were significantly correlated with advanced fibrosis in normal ALT patients ( , , and resp.) and age, ALB, GLOB, PLT, and PT in patients with abnormal ALT ( , , , , and resp.). Age, AST, GGT, PLT, and PT were significantly associated with advanced fibrosis in HBeAg+ patients ( , , , and resp.) and ALB, GLOB, WBC, PLT, and PT in HBeAg− patients ( , , , and resp.). PLT was an excellent predictor for cirrhosis ( and ). ALT was not predictive of advanced fibrosis for patients with HBeAg+ or HBeAg− ( and resp.). PLT was an excellent predictor for cirrhosis in CHB patients. Liver histopathology can be recommended for chronic HBV carriers of older age, with normal ALT, lower PLT, and lower ALB.