International Scholarly Research Notices / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Evaluation of Discoloration Removal by Polishing Resin Composites Submitted to Staining in Different Drink Solutions

Table 1

Name, material type, and manufacturer of the resin composites tested.

Product/manufacturerMaterial typeComposition

Herculite Classic (Kerr Corporation, Orange, CA, USA)Microhybrid compositeBIS-GMA, TEGDMA, camphorquinone, amine, iron oxide pigments, aluminum borosilicate glass, colloidal silica.
Durafill VS (Heraeus Kulzer GmbH & Co., Wehrheim, Germany)Microfilled compositeBisGMA/TEGDMA, UDMA, silicon dioxide, splinter polymer (66% by volume)
Luna (SDI, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia)Nanohybrid compositeMultifunctional methacrylate ester and inorganic filler (61% by volume)