Research Article

Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness Practice and Associated Factors among Pregnant Women, Northwest Ethiopia

Table 3

Proportion of pregnant women attending antenatal care in South Wollo Zone, Northeast Ethiopia, April, 2014.


ANC practice for current pregnancy ()
 None attended23128.2
 Attended 1st visit31854.1
 Attended 2nd-3rd visit16427.8
 Attended 4th and above visit10618.1

Receive BPCR counseling during ANC visit ()
 No/I do not remember18832

Partners counseled about BPCR ()

Married couples’ male partner decision on place of birth for current childbirth ()
 No/I do not know42555.5

Place of male partner decision on place of birth ()
 Health institution31391.8
 Home/TBA home288.2

Pregnant women’s decision on place of delivery ()
 Health institution54666.7
 Home/TBA home597.2