Research Article

Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness Practice and Associated Factors among Pregnant Women, Northwest Ethiopia

Table 5

Proportion of women () who reported types of key danger signs during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period in South Wollo Zone, Northeast Ethiopia, April, 2014.

Key danger signs⁢Pregnancy⁢Labor and deliveryPNC

Vaginal bleeding30637.436544.626332.1
Severe headache809.8506.1475.7
Blurred vision496212.5
Swelling of face and feet8610.5475.7
Loss of consciousness283.4243
Difficulty of breathing303.7141.7
Sever weakness799.6688.3
Severe abdominal pain14818
Accelerated/reduced fetal movement16620.3
Water breaks without labor253
Prolonged labor40749.7
Placenta not delivered within 30 minutes27533.6
Malodorous vaginal discharge10212.5