Journal of Allergy / 2010 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

The Relationship between Mold Exposure and Allergic Response in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Table 5

Multivariable analysis of mold/dampness indicators and allergic sensitization to mold adjusted for age and gender.

Mold/Dampness IndicatorSensitization to Mold
O.R.95% C.I. -valueO.R.95% C.I. -valueO.R.95% C.I. -value

Mold Exposure (0–5).9575–1.19.64
Minimal, Moderate, Highly
 Minimal exposure1.85.90–3.83.09
 Moderate exposure1.09.53–2.25.82
 High exposure.85.18–3.92.83
Total Months of Exposure.99.98–1.01.52
Doctor-diagnosed Asthma1.01.0–1.0.531.001.0–1.0.461.01.0–1.0.53

reported exposure is the comparison group.