Table 5: Emergency room visit, total hospital admissions, blood eosinophils, and serum IgE in patient subgroups before and after carnitine supplementation and the placebo group.

Subgroup A (with L-Carnitine)
( )
Subgroup B (Placebo)
( )

Emergency room visitbef. 1.2>0.05
aft 4.68<0.001*

Total Hospital admissionsbef. 1.9>0.05
aft 7.5<0.001*

Oral steroidbef. 0.21>0.05
aft 2.8<0.01*

Serum IgE (kU/L)bef. 0.21>0.05
aft 1.6>0.05

Blood eosinophils (%)bef. 0.38>0.05
aft 4.2<0.001*

(*) is significant There were significant decreases in the frequency of emergency room visit, total hospital admissions, and the intake of oral steroids between L-Carnitine-supplemented children compared to placebo group during the study period. The blood eosinophils % decreased significantly after treatment with L-Carnitine in asthmatic group. It was significantly lower in L-Carnitine treatment group than in placebo group. Serum Ig E showed no significant difference in treatment and placebo group (both before and after treatment).