Journal of Allergy / 2012 / Article / Fig 1

Review Article

Regulatory T Cells and the Control of the Allergic Response

Figure 1

Functional specialization of effector and regulatory T cells. Different types of immune responses carry different cytokine microenvironments that can influence both effector and regulatory T-cell differentiation. In the same way effector T cells when activated in specific cytokine environment acquire specialized functions, induced regulatory cells (iTreg) can also activate the expression of different transcription factors (italics) that endow them access to different anatomic compartments on the basis of the chemokine receptors they express. Follicular regulatory cells (Tfr) represent an exception among peripherally induced Foxp3+ cells, as they are derived from natural regulatory cells (nTreg) that acquire Bcl-6 expression, rather than from conventional CD4 T cells.