Research Article

Proficient Procedure for Preparation of Quinoline Derivatives Catalyzed by NbCl5 in Glycerol as Green Solvent

Table 1

The effect of various solvent in the reaction of 2-amino-benzophenone (1 mmol), 1,3-cyclohexadione (1 mmol), catalyst (0.1 mmol), and solvent (2 mL).

EntrySolventYield (%)

1Solvent-free (80°C)35
2Solvent-free (100°C)58
3n-Hexane (r.t)15
4CH2Cl2 (r.t)20
5CHCl3 (r.t)45
6THF (r.t)48
7CH3CN (r.t)60
8CH3CN (80°C)76
91,2-Dichloroethane (r.t)55
101,2-Dichloroethane (80°C)68
11EtOH (r.t)52
12EtOH (80°C)63
13MeOH (r.t)82
14Glycerol (80°C)83
15Glycerol (100°C)95
16Glycerol (110°C)98