Research Article

Choosing Money over Drugs: The Neural Underpinnings of Difficult Choice in Chronic Cocaine Users

Figure 5

Chronic cocaine users choosing money instead of cocaine. Data are functional clusters where chronic cocaine users (CCUs) had greater responses than controls (Controls) for money choices in cross-commodity tasks. Choices were between immediate money and future cocaine (MC: (a), (b)) or between immediate cocaine and future money (CM: (c), (d)). Each individual’s immediate (now) and future (later) choices were used to isolate activity while viewing (dashed red line) what became money choices (a), (c) and while submitting money choices (b), (d). Activity in the striatal putamen, caudate, and globus pallidus was greater in CCUs while viewing what became money now choices (a) and while executing money later choices (d). In addition, activity in the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex was greater for money later choices.