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Journal of Applied Mathematics
Volume 2005, Issue 4, Pages 383-392

Regularization method for parabolic equation with variable operator

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), 48 A Gerogoly Street, Ashgabat 744000, Turkmenistan

Received 22 October 2004; Revised 28 June 2005

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Consider the initial boundary value problem for the equation ut=L(t)u, u(1)=w on an interval [0,1] for t>0, where w(x) is a given function in L2(Ω) and Ω is a bounded domain in n with a smooth boundary Ω. L is the unbounded, nonnegative operator in L2(Ω) corresponding to a selfadjoint, elliptic boundary value problem in Ω with zero Dirichlet data on Ω. The coefficients of L are assumed to be smooth and dependent of time. It is well known that this problem is ill-posed in the sense that the solution does not depend continuously on the data. We impose a bound on the solution at t=0 and at the same time allow for some imprecision in the data. Thus we are led to the constrained problem. There is built an approximation solution, found error estimate for the applied method, given preliminary error estimates for the approximate method.