Table 2: Name of transition and its meaning.

TransitionMeaning of transitionTransitionMeaning of transition

Market researching Technology parameters auditing finished, start preparing production plan

Market research finished, demand analyzing Production planning establishing finished, start preparing production

Demand analyzing finished, feasibility analyzing Production preparing finished, start producing

Feasibility analyzing finished, feasibility approving Producing finished, start preparing for test plan making

Feasibility approving is eligible, property analyzing Test plan establishing finished, start inputting test data

Property analyzing finished, property confirming Test data input finished, confirm accuracy and effectiveness of data

Property confirming succeeds, technical specification establishing Data accuracy and effectiveness are confirmed, start testing

Technical specification establishing finished, audit technical specification Test finished, start the judgment of test results

Technical specification audit finished, start the application of development application form Test results judgment is eligible, start storing

Application of development application form finished, start auditing the application form Warehousing finished, start collecting all kinds of data document

Auditing application form finished, start distributing application Collection data document finished, the project comes to end

Distributing application finished, start preparing formula The audit of project feasibility analysis failed, research again

Formula preparation finished, start confirming material property Project is not feasible, the project ended, collecting relevant data

Material property formula confirming finished, materials property formula developing Performance auditing failed, back to analysis

Material property formula establishing finished, start auditing the material formula The audit of technical specifications failed, to start establish again

Materials formula audit finished, start confirming the color formula of the material Development application form approval failed, to apply again

Material color formula confirming finished, start materials color formula developing The audit of material formula failed, to develop again

Material color formula developing finished, start auditing materials color formula The audit of color formula failed, to develop again

Material color formula auditing finished, start confirming technology parameters The audit of technology parameters failed, to start establishing again

Technology parameters confirming finished, start establishing the technology parameters The audit of validity, correctness of test data failed, reentry again

Technology parameters establishing finished, start auditing technology parameters Test results showed the material did not meet the requirements, R & D again