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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 47-50

Strategic planning for bioanalytical automation: managing growth successfully

Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Glaxo Inc., Five Moore Drive, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

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Bioanalytical automation expanded at Glaxo Inc. from 1987 to 1991 by cycling through periods of justification, planning, implementation, obstacle-jumping and success, which justified continued cycling. In 1990 it became evident that the technology and its growth needed to be planned and the resources had to be managed. A Strategic Plan was researched and prepared. The plan describes the mission, values, goals and structure of the Bioanalytical Automation Group and the most important requirements for achieving those planned goals, including: (1) Long-term management commitment; (2) Trained, dedicated personnel; (3) Quality facilities; (4) Teamwork; and (5) Investment in automationcompatible equipment. The strategic plan has been in effect for over a year; current status, history, and the future are discussed in this article.