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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
Volume 15, Issue 6, Pages 209-216

A PC-based titrator for flow gradient titrations

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Institut für Biotechnologie, Weinbergweg 16a, Halle/Saale 06120, Germany

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This paper describes a PC (personal computer) based titrator which was developed for gradient flow titrations. Concentration gradients were generated electrolytically or volumetrically in small tubes. Complete titration curves can be recorded on-line and evaluated automatically. The titrator can be used with all liquid flow detectors with low axial dispersion. The titrator was evaluated for the titration of thiosulphate with electrogenerated triiodide and for the titration of ammonia with electrogenerated hypobromite after continuous gas dialytic separation of ammonia from the sample solution.