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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
Volume 17, Issue 6, Pages 219-223

Validation of an ion selective electrode system for the analysis of serum fluoride ion

1Department of Clinical Chemistry, The Ulster Hospital, Belfast, BT16 0RH, UK
2Department of Anaesthetics, The Ulster Hospital, Belfast, BT16 0RH, UK
3Orion Research (UK), East Sussex, RH18 5ES, UK
414 Huntingdale, Ballyclare, BT39 9XB, UK

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A high impedance unit was developed for use with a fluoride/pH electrode system for the measurement of serum fluoride. The linearity, accuracy, precision and detection limit of the system is reported. At a pH of 1.55, the system was linear over a range of serum fluoride concentrations up to 100 μmol l-1, with a lower limit of detection of 0.3 μmol l-1. Recoveries at this pH were 94-105% in the range 2.6-100 μmol l-1. Within-run CVs ranged from 4.2% at a level of 2.3 μmol l-1 to 1.2% at a level of 55.7 μmol l-1, while day-to-day CVs ranged from 12.8% at a level of 2.2 μmol l-1 to 4.6% at a level of 51.7 μmol l-1. The system demonstrated a rapid response time and has the potential for a smaller sample size requirement with alternative electrode shape. Continued development of this unit into an automated fluoride ion selective electrode system is recommended, since the measurement of serial serum fluoride samples is of greatest importance in assessing the impact of new anaesthetic agents on renal function.