Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

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Occurrence and Removal Characteristics of Phthalate Esters from Typical Water Sources in Northeast China

Table 3

Comparison of the concentrations of DEHP and DBP in the water bodies (ng/L).

Location DEHP DBP Reference

Surface water, Germany330–978002270120–8800500[14]
Surface water, the Netherlandsnd–500032066–3100250[15]
Seine River estuary, France160–31467–319[16]
Tama River, Japan13–36008–540[17]
Velino River, Italynd–6400nd–44300[2]
Surface water, Taiwannd–1850093001000–135004900[18]
Surface water, Jiangsu, China556–15670.716–5857.5[19]
Yangtze River, mainstream, China3900–54730nd–35650[20]
Middle and lower Yellow River, China347–31800nd–26000[21]
Second Songhua River, Chinand–1752650370020nd–5616800717240[22]
Urban lakes, Guangzhou, China87–630170240940–360019902030[11]
Xiangjiang River, China620–15230[23]
This study128.9–6570.9671.01774.152.5–4498.2110.3801.4