Research Article

A Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Evaluation of Two Brands of Enalapril 20 mg Tablets in Healthy Human Volunteers

Table 1

Intra- and interday precision and accuracy data for enalapril and enalaprilat in human plasma ().

Intraday (within run) Interday (between runs)
Mean concentration (ng/ml)SDCV (%)Accuracy (%)Mean concentration (ng/ml)SDCV (%)Accuracy (%)

LQC (3 ng/ml)2.8340.1073.77394.4582.980.2199.27
MQC (100 ng/ml)100.6914.084.05100.691100.684.93100.68
HQC (1600 ng/ml)161.3667.1694.459100.854162.4812.62101.55

LQC (3 ng/ml)2.8760.1244.29595.8613.3100.210110.34
MQC (100 ng/ml)98.5143.8163.87398.514102.2244.280102.24
HQC (160 ng/ml)152.4124.5172.96495.257162.1111.43101.32

LQC: low quality control; MQC: medium quality control; HQC: high quality control.