Journal of Anthropology / 2014 / Article / Tab 5

Review Article

The Cubit: A History and Measurement Commentary

Table 5

Middle East names and dimensions for the cubit and related measures.

Digit, zebo1/28 royal cubit0.737′′18.7 mm
Palm, shep1/72.947′′75 mm
Royal foot2/313.95′′254 mm
Royal cubitunit20.62524
Ater, skhoine12,000 royal cubits3.9 miles6.3 km

Finger, ezba1/24 cubit0.74′′19 mm
Palm, tefah4 fingers, 1/6 cubit2.9′′75 mm
Span, zeret3 palms, 1/2 cubit8.8′′225 mm
Royal cubit7/6 standard cubit20.7525 mm
Pace2 cubits35.4′′900 mm
Stadion360 cubits528′′162 meters

Palm4 fingers3.0′′77 mm
Span12 fingers9.1′′231
Cubit24 fingers18.2′′463 mm
Stade604 feet185 meter