Clinical Study

Postprandial Hypotension in Clinical Geriatric Patients and Healthy Elderly: Prevalence Related to Patient Selection and Diagnostic Criteria

Table 1

Methods used to measure postprandial hypotension.

Author (reference)Subjects ( )StudygroupEquipmentTime-interval (min.)Duration measurement (min.)

Aronow and Ahn 1994 [3]499Long-term health care facilityMercury sphygmomanometer15120
Jansen et al. 1996 [17]22Nursing home patientsDinamap590
Kohara et al. 1998 [20]121Hospitalized hypertensive patientsABPM3024 hour
Puisieux et al. 2000 [18]120 versus 36In patients with syncope or falls versus control patientsSpacelab1524 hour
O’Donovan et al. 2002 [16]8Healthy elderlyNot mentioned3120
Kawaguchi et al. 2002 [19]20 versus 20Healthy elderly versus healthy Young individualsMercury sphygmomanometer30120
Vloet et al. 2005 [5]58Geriatric patientsSpacelab1090
Fisher et al. 2005 [21]179Long-term health care facilitySpacelab and mercury sphygmomanometer6060

ABPM: ambulatory blood pressure measurement.
Duration measurement: total time measured after finishing breakfast.